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miércoles, abril 22, 2009

Empire presenta "Mejor serie de tv de todos los tiempos"

Empireonline nos trae las 50 mejores series de Tv de todos los tiempos.
X files ocupa el puesto No. 9

Created by surfing enthusiast Chris Carter, The X-Files proved to be the show that could do anything. It could modulate its tone from Twin Peaks creepy to Texas Chain Saw Massacre terrifying to Three Stooges silly. It had a pair of good-looking, charismatic heroes with deliciously simmering sexual chemistry - plus a rogue's gallery of memorable villains, including the putrid Flukeman, stretchy Eugene Tooms and butt-loving Cigarette Smoking Man. Of course, the long-running 'Myth-Arc' conspiracy plotline would have baffled Einstein and was never properly wrapped up in any case, but with at least one more big-screen outing lined up for Mulder and Scully there's still time to redeem the show that launched a thousand Dark Skies.

Jose Chung's From Outer Space (Season 3, Episode 20) showcases The X-Files' at its playful best. The same alien-abduction investigation is shown from an array of perspectives, sending up the show's own staples to very funny effect.

The classic horror episode Home was inspired by a tale in Charlie Chaplin's autobiography, about the time some rednecks took the comedian home to meet to their mother - and pulled her out from under a bed.
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